Write a Form HTML to allow a person to subscribe to a magazine.

HTML: Write a Form: Write a form to allow a person to subscribe to a magazine. That form should ask for the following information:
• Name
• Snail Mail Address with separate street, town/ city, state, and ZIP code boxes.
• Which of the following magazines (can be more than one) the person wants to subscribe to: Newsweek, Time, Sports Illustrated, Internet World.
• How to pay (bill by mail, pay by credit card online): If by credit card online, the Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard/Discover), the credit card number, and the expiration date.
• Use the CGI alternative mentioned in the Forms module: <form name=”donationForm” id=”donationForm” action=”http:// www.rebol.com/cgi-bin/test-cgi.cgi” method=”post” >.
• Know the difference between checkboxes and radio buttons. With checkboxes, you can select one or
more items, while a radio button should permit only a single selection.
• Test the form before submitting! If nothing shows up in the results page, something is wrong with the form. Check the form again to ensure correctness. If something seems awry and you can’t find the problem, post it anyway to see if we can help!
• Use a table to align the components of the form and to make it neat.
• Create and test the form first to make sure it works, then build the table around it.
• When you test the form, don’t enter your real credit card number, because this isn’t a secure server.
• When you’re done, upload the file to the UML web server and post a message in the Discussion List with the full URL of your assignment.
 (Note that the results might not be in the order you coded–that’s because the CGI is meant to be machine-readable, not legible to us mere mortals.)
• Here’s another good form tutorial.

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