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MIS Project Plan

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MIS Project Plan

APA style, no more than 25 slides. Minimal content on slides. All comments should be in the note section below the slide. Use in-line citation for all citations and add reference slide at end.

Evaluation Guide: Process Creatley Students should include: 1. Table that includes: a. All ordering steps on Amazon up to placing the item in the cart. b. Actor. c. Major steps. d. Minor- detailed


Life of Refugee Students in the Refugee Camps

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Life of Refugee Students in the Refugee Camps

The pain of war, the havoc it wreaks and the very detrimental results of war in war torn countries is inevitable globally. From time to time, quite a number of nations have seen ethnic, tribal and civil wars that have claimed the lives of millions, and left many people, especially women and children, with a miserable life and only bleak future. If you


How i made a new friend

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How I Made a New Friend

To many people, friendship means a lot. It means they can rely on the person they consider as their friend, they can confide in them, and that the other person shares the same confidence. Sadly, most of these people do not recognize when they find a real friend; they only look for what


Sample paper: Nursing leadership

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Nursing Leadership Student Name Institutional Affiliation


 Through leadership, it is possible to set policies and guidelines that govern the operation of every activity within the field. Nursing is one of the major technical fields, professional leadership has always played an important


Personal Statement

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From a tender age, long before I could fathom the particulars of science or its numerous fields, I had already developed a compelling desire to practice in the healthcare profession. This desire was as a result of a tragic incident that occurred to my family when I was around ten years old. My beloved little sister, upon premature discharge from the hospital, passed on. The heartbreaking incident happened in my home country, Nigeria. I was utterly devastated. She had been discharged from the hospital because we could no longer afford her medical upkeep. We desperately sought for ways to help her in vain. The loss engraved in me a deep desire to dedicate my life to caring for the sick, and in particular the sick and the poor. Nevertheless, it was not until my senior year in high school that I married my desire to my specific liking for human biology. My childhood imaginations of how the body works were that there were little persons who always labored to make metabolic processes possible. Honestly, I was thrilled and overly excited to learn and understand the word metabolism later in life at Texas State University. I was very encouraged to confirm the reality of my imagination in real life. My imagination of little persons matched the relationship of body cells to the rest of the body in general. My thirst for learning, great sense of imagination, and the ability to relate textbook knowledge to the practical anatomy it refers to have brought me a long way in becoming the health caregiver that I always aspired to be.

While the desire to be a healthcare giver is rooted in my childhood, it is during the work experience that I decided that I wanted to become a physician assistant. My first medical practice experience was a volunteer engagement at Harris Health Hospital. At the hospital, I had various engagements ranging from helping at the information desk to shadowing nurses at the catheterization laboratory. The sheer operational functionality of the different professionals fascinated me. I couldn’t wait to get involved in a more hands-on way. I couldn’t wait to be a physician assistant. My education at Texas State University, as well as my work experiences in the various engagements in the medical field, will inevitably contribute to my preparedness towards becoming a renowned physician assistant. Some of the invaluable working experiences that have given me a more in-depth insight into health professionalism include work as a medical scribe, as a medical assistant, and now as a phlebotomist. I have worked with exemplary physician assistants who have been a source of inspiration for me to become an excellent PA myself. Being a physician assistant will be the most fulfilling entity in my life. As PA, I would use my unending dedication, in collaboration with other caregivers, to give the best health care to my patients. I will ensure that destitute patients do not suffer the same fate as my dear sister. I believe that human life is sacred and should be protected and sustained regardless of the social-economic status of the patient.  I will use my keen ability to relate knowledge to real-life experience to better relate to the particular needs of my patients, hence better solve their health problems.
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Due at the end of week 2

Format of the Project:

The Data Exercise must be posted to the LEO Student Assignments as a Attachments are limited to a maximum two files in doc, docx., xls. xlsx., or rtf. formats. OTHER FORMATS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE, will not be reviewed or graded. Please note that hand-written and scanned works, pdf. files, jpg. files, as well as files posted in google drive, will not be accepted or graded. The paper should be written in APA style Research Paper format. =&6=& =&7=& VIEW SOLUTION