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SWEN1005: Mobile Web Programming,

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  1. We are going to create a mobile-first website for SWEN1005: Mobile Web Programming, this site will provide:

Information about the BSc. Software Engineering programme via a link to the website The course content for Mobile Web Programming

Links to course material (lecture notes, slides and

recordings) Links to lab assignments

The course assessment schedule

Recommended text and readings

Sample completed projects and labs

  1. As the user traverses your mobile website, they should be able to visit the BSc. Software Engineering programme website by clicking on the UWI logo at any time from any page.
  1. Use appropriate category names to allow the user to fully traverse the website, however, do not user any more than five categories.
  1. Employ an appropriate information architectural pattern and maintain consistency throughout your site. Advise the user when they are about to leave your site to visit external content. However, please keep external content to a bare minimum. For example, present the session recordings as YouTube embedded content.
  1. Maintain a consistent theme throughout your website.
  1. You may reuse content from the eLearning platform at your leisure.
  1. You should provide author information including copyright and date last updated and an

about the author page.




Mobile Information Architecture

Key points to remember about your design, you will want to create your content and pages with these points in mind, keep it:










[9 marks]


Keep categories to a minimum again the simpler things are, the better the UX on mobile. That doesn’t mean abandon useful data but


To convert the ER/EER model into a relational data model

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AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: to convert the ER/EER model into a relational data model; to implement a relational database system (using ORACLE12g). This is an individual Assignment. You are not permitted to work as a group when writing this assignment. Copying, Plagiarism: Plagiarism is the submission of somebody else’s work in a manner that gives the…

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