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Database and SQL Database design and optimisation – Get assignment help

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All of the Documents I′m uploading are just so you know the format. It′s pretty standard but the last person didnt follow instructions at all. The actual assignment is here below If you know sql this will be easy. It′s just a lot of instructions but please make sure to read EVERYTHING carefully. I need…

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Solved: create PowerShell script. PowerShell enables administrators

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The graduate writes scripts to install and manage server roles and features.


In this task, you will create PowerShell script. PowerShell enables administrators to perform administrative tasks on both local and remote systems. You will be expected to manage an Active Directory server and an SQL server within the PowerShell environment. This management will include the configuration and administration


CMSC 341 Data Structures — Projects & Support — Fall 2019

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Project 2: Range Average Query

Due: Tuesday, October 8, before 9:00 pm


  • You may find it easier to store sums (rather than averages) in the RAQ and BlockRAQ data structures. If you choose to do this, your query() function must convert sums to averages. Also, your dump() function should print sums, not averages.
  • You will need to include the cmath library in raq.cpp to use the sqrt() function. You may also include iostream (needed by dump()) and iomanip (optional, but allows for formatting of output).


In this project, you will implement two different solutions for the Range Average Query problem, each with different asymptotic running times.