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COMP1710 Assignment + Report: Semester 1 2020

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COMP1710 Assignment + Report: Semester 1 2020 Summary of submission snapshot deadlines: Assignment Part 1: 11:00am Monday 30/03/2020 Break week 1 (06/04/2020) Assignment Part 2: 11:00am Monday 27/04/2020 Week 8 (04/05/2020) Assignment Part 3: 11:00am Monday 25/05/2020 Week 12 (01/06/2020) Report : 23:59 (11:59pm) Sunday 31/05/2020 Week 12 (07/06/2020) Assignment The purpose of the overall…

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COMP 1073 – Winter 2020 MODULE Three Project – An Adventure with Objects

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COMP 1073 – Winter 2020 MODULE Three Project – An Adventure with Objects

Module Three was all about objects. From object literal syntax to constructor functions, inheritance and prototypes and even some new classy JS, we had quite the journey using this object-based language in an object-oriented way. Your Task: Using your knowledge of JavaScript object basics, constructor functions, inheritance, and prototypes, create a vacation property booking application (check out


Project Design Recipe Box App

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Recipe Box App

Project Design

Group 1

User Interface:

  • When program begins run, user enters their log in and password or attempts a password reset.
  • This leads to the main panel with options to go to to perform the following:
    • Recipes Panel
      • This panel is likely to be the most-used section of the interface. Here you can view the recipe details, add new recipes,