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LDR504 Week 2 Discussion and Research Paper

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LDR504 Week 2 Discussion and Research paper

Week 2 Discussion

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In this module you will complete the following:

  • Your discussion post, including your responses to your classmates must be substantial and rich in content (A minimum of 250 words is substantial).
  • Posts like “I agree with that” or “that is right” are not substantial and points will be deducted for those types of responses.
  • You are required to include a minimum of 3 peer reviewed references for your initial post.
  • Your initial post must be posted no later than Wednesday of each week.
  • You must have a minimum of 2 additional response posts to your classmates spread throughout the week.
  • You must have a minimum of 3 posts which includes your initial post, spread over a minimum of 3 days.

Discussion Question: Explain what theory X and theory Y is and answer the question about Joe.  Joe thinks that his workers hate their job and only come to work to earn their paychecks. However, he is satisfied with their creativity and imagination when they work on projects. Is Joe a typical Theory X manager? Please explain