Project Design Recipe Box App

Recipe Box App

Project Design

Group 1

User Interface:

  • When program begins run, user enters their log in and password or attempts a password reset.
  • This leads to the main panel with options to go to to perform the following:
    • Recipes Panel
      • This panel is likely to be the most-used section of the interface. Here you can view the recipe details, add new recipes, as well as edit and search existing ones.
          • Manage Users:
            • This is where new users can be set up and their level of access can be set – such as an admin who can write, edit, and delete recipes, vs a cook who just logs on to view the recipes but cannot alter them.
          • Manage Categories
            • Create new categories for recipes here, such as “Desserts”, “Breakfast” etc. These can then be selected from drop down when entering or editing a recipe in the Recipe Info Panel.
          • View Deleted Recipes
            • Where previously deleted recipes can be viewed.
          • Back up records
            • Backup recipes back to the server.
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