Project 1 Logo Design – Infinity Renewable Energy (IRE)


Project 1 Logo Design

About the company

The client, Infinity Renewable Energy (IRE) is a cutting-edge high-tech multinational company that produces renewable energy and does research into developing renewable energy solutions such as solar cells, wind turbines, hydrogen-based technologies and many other technologies that help reduce the use of fossil fuel. This is a fortune 500 company and they do business nationally and internationally.

In the past, IRE has been doing business exclusively with large utility companies and government agencies nationally and internationally. It has been a major player in the energy sector for years. However, IRE has not been a familiar name in the consumer market.

Recently to expand its market share the company has decided to sell energy-saving products directly to consumers. IRE is about to go through a rebranding process and launch a new marketing campaign to make the company a household name as well and promote a new line of products that generate renewable energy such as solar panels and small-scale wind and hydro turbines to generate power for local municipalities to individual homes.

Also, the company envisions it will promote high-efficiency appliances for the domestic market such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and LED lights, etc.

IRE is inviting designers to create visuals for the rebranding of the company.

Their priority is to create new logos to promote their visual identity. Therefore they have invited designers to design the following three logos and possibly a combination logo (optional). Then establish the specifications for the logos.

  1. Lettermark Logo
  2. Symbol logo 
  3. Wordmark logo 
  4. Combinational logo (optional)

5 The specification,  include a) clear space, b) background color, c) minimum scale

Examples of logo categories

The client mention some conditions on how they expect the successful logos to appear. They have described the conditions in the following manner.   Comments from the client:

“We expect the logos to be unique, memorable, simple, elegant and communicative”. 

Symbol Logo: “Consideration should be given, to evoke the expression of clean and renewable energy without being overly descriptive. An abstract image is preferred.” They insist “Do not use symbols or imagery that are easily identifiable such as infinity symbol, recycle symbol wind turbines, light bulbs, leaves, lightning bolts, plugs and other images that are commonly associated with electricity and renewable energy.  No logo should resemble an already existing logo or a symbol.” 

Furthermore, the client requires all logo designs to be “compact and inspired/derived by Gestalt principles and positive/negative spaces”.  Also, the general impression of the logos must have a  modern appearance. 

The color palette should not exceed more than four colors for all the logos combined including the background color. (no gradations and transparent spaces). Must specify a single background color for all the logos.

Lettermark logo should be designed with the initials of the company name IRE (uppercase or lowercase acceptable). Examples: IBM, BMW, CNN, and HBO. No other design elements should be added to the design except it is acceptable to have interesting shapes created by the interaction of the letters. It is preferred if the letters are manipulated to create an interesting design instead of using a font that already exists.

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