Emotional Expression

How I freely express my emotions

My emotional intelligence is quite strong and I express my emotions freely without a sign of disconnection from my senses or stability. This mostly involves handling my emotions for them to serve–rather than maybe undermine the person(s) I’m dealing with. I try not to “manage” or rather suppress the emotive feelings, but instead, I pause for some time enough and put into consideration ways in which I communicate my entire feelings which makes me better off afterward.
Also, I frequently depict some empathy which brings me closer to everyone I come into contact with, and though there is a possibility of going overboard, I at times when showing my empathy weaken my ability to talk or respond at the moment.
Whom I express myself freely to
I mostly express myself more freely and with the independence of my male best friend. This is highly attributed to my discern for self-expression. I previously learned that self-expression holds the power to change and transform my life. By doing so, I realize that I can as well live my life in alignment with who I’m, and authentically express this to the world.

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