Create a website that fetches data from a remote API

For this project I need to create a website that fetches data from a remote API. There is no particular API and I leave it up to the expert, one suggestion would be NASA’s API: Creating your own API will work as well.

Any scripting libraries and frameworks can be used for this web-based JavaScript application, but please include an explanation as to why the particular library/framework was used to achieve the project goal.

1. The site must look presentable, it has to have a style to it, the better it looks and the better the user experience is the better.

2. The site must be responsive, it will use media queries to make it look nice on a phone, tablet etc (2 breakpoints minimum).

3. The site must have some sort of pagination, multiple ajax requests, that will fetch more data and show it to the user.

4. The site must be able to implement some sort of filtering of the data that you are presenting to the user, search, drill down, checkboxes, etc.

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