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Laboratory 1 Assembly Language and the RISC-V ISA

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The RISC-V Assembler and Runtime Simulator (RARS) can be downloaded from:

All information is in pdf file


Laboratory 1 Assembly Language and the RISC-V ISA

Page 1of 6School of EngineeringEEET2261–Computer Architecture and OrganisationLaboratory 1Assembly Language and the RISC-V ISA1Aims(i)To develop an appreciation for the abstraction provided


Prepare Ratio and Cash Flow Analysis for current and prior years using eVal Model

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FINC 430 – ASSIGNMENT #1 Due June 26, 2020

Prepare Ratio and Cash Flow Analysis for current and prior years using eVal Model

Evaluation: The Assignment #1 is 16.67% of final course grade.

No more than 20% of the text of the project should be made up of quotes.

The actual Excel eVal model completed for the company assigned for the project must be submitted with the assignment.



SWEN1005: Mobile Web Programming,

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  1. We are going to create a mobile-first website for SWEN1005: Mobile Web Programming, this site will provide:

Information about the BSc. Software Engineering programme via a link to the website The course content for Mobile Web Programming

Links to course material (lecture notes, slides and

recordings) Links to lab assignments

The course assessment schedule

Recommended text and readings

Sample completed projects and labs

  1. As the user traverses your mobile website, they should be able to visit the BSc. Software Engineering programme website by clicking on the UWI logo at any time from any page.
  1. Use appropriate category names to allow the user to fully traverse the website, however, do not user any more than five categories.
  1. Employ an appropriate information architectural pattern and maintain consistency throughout your site. Advise the user when they are about to leave your site to visit external content. However, please keep external content to a bare minimum. For example, present the session recordings as YouTube embedded content.
  1. Maintain a consistent theme throughout your website.
  1. You may reuse content from the eLearning platform at your leisure.
  1. You should provide author information including copyright and date last updated and an

about the author page.




Mobile Information Architecture

Key points to remember about your design, you will want to create your content and pages with these points in mind, keep it:










[9 marks]


Keep categories to a minimum again the simpler things are, the better the UX on mobile. That doesn’t mean abandon useful data but


Web Service Project You are to develop – A currency converter XML web service

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Web Service Project

You are to develop:

  1. A currency converter XML web service
  2. A web service client requesting the currency converter XML web service

The Currency Converter XML Web Service

Create an project named “WebServiceFall2019” (empty and non-HTTPS) Add a New Item: Web Service (ASMX) named CurrencyConvert.asmx Add the CurrencyConvert web service:<WebMethod()>

Public Function CurrencyConvert(ByVal strCurrencyType As String, ByVal sngCurrencyIn As Single) As String

Dim sngCurrencyOut As Single

Select Case strCurrencyType

Case “ca”

sngCurrencyOut = CSng(sngCurrencyIn) * 1.1

Case “jp”

sngCurrencyOut = CSng(sngCurrencyIn) * 110

End Select

Return sngCurrencyOut

End Function

  • Run

    Assignment 2 – PROG32356

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    •Complete the assignment provided.

    •This work is individual. Zero collaboration is allowed.

    •App must already come with preloaded data (5 records in each table minimum)

    •You are free to use the connected or disconnected approach.

    •You MUST use the .mdfdatabase file approach (DO NOT use LocalDBor SQLexpress)

    •Your program should handle any possible exception so that the program


    CST 630 Advanced Cyber Exploitation and Mitigation Methodologies – Project 1 Part 0

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    Many companies and agencies conduct IT audits to test and assess the rigor of IT security controls in order to mitigate risks to IT networks. Such audits meet compliance mandates by regulatory organizations.

    Federal IT systems follow Federal Information System Management Act (FISMA) guidelines and report security compliance to US-CERT, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, which handles


    Database and SQL Database design and optimisation – Get assignment help

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    All of the Documents I′m uploading are just so you know the format. It′s pretty standard but the last person didnt follow instructions at all. The actual assignment is here below If you know sql this will be easy. It′s just a lot of instructions but please make sure to read EVERYTHING carefully. I need…

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    CPSC165 – Introduction to Internet Concepts and Web Design principles

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    CPSC165 – Introduction to Internet Concepts and Web Design principles

    Spring 2020

    Final Project: Build a moderate-size Web Site

    Submission due: Friday, June 26, 2020 (11:59pm)


    Project Description

    In this project you will build a moderate-size Web site. The theme of the Web site is decided by the members of your project group. Each group will have 4 members, and each member should contribute


    IFSM 304 – Assignment Presentation D

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    Presentation (PowerPoint) D: Group presentation of research on an existing or emerging technology and its related ethical issues 

    • The instructor has assigned Study Groups for Presentation (PowerPoint) D.
    • To assist in the group collaboration for Presentation D, please post Paper C to your assigned Group topic under the Group Collaboration on Presentation D forum in the LEO Discussions section. This will permit further interaction of the group in preparation for the group presentation of Presentation D.

    As this assignment is a continuation of the previous individual assignment (Paper C) on researching an existing or emerging technology and its related ethical issues. You will have to work with your assigned groups for this assignment. Note:


    CSCE 3550/5550 Project Topics – Python Two-way Authentication

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    CSCE 3550/5550 Project Topics – Python Two-way Authentication

    CSCE 3550/5550 Project Topics – Python Two-way Authentication

    A project proposal is due by June 05, 2020 11.59 PM.
    o The entire project is worth 100 points.
    o The proposal is worth 5 points out of 100 points.
    o Late