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EECS 1570 Winter 2020 Assignment 4

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EECS 1570 Winter 2020 Assignment 4 Due: Thursday March 19, 2020 by 10:55 p.m. 1. This assignment is worth 6% of your final grade. 2. Submit your solution files electronically through the course Moodle. 3. A list of the files to submit is found at the end of this assignment. Questions: 1. (8 points) Write…

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Design and Analysis of Information Systems (MAS)

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  1. Introduction

The “Design and Analysis of Information Systems” course is devoted to practising the skills that are necessary for transition from a conceptual model (the product of the analysis and requirements specification phase in software development life cycle) into a specific implementation environment, either object-oriented or relational. Students learn some conceptual features that have no direct


Create a console ‘C’ application to perform the following three input logic functions

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Task 1

Create a console ‘C’ application to perform the following three input logic functions. Your application should be user friendly.

  1. Logic Functions
  2. AND
  3. OR
  4. NAND
  5. NOR
  6. EXOR
  7. Shift Left
  8. Shift Right

All of the above binary functions has two inputs (AND,OR etc.) except Shift operations and the output must be displayed as binary number format.  User could be asked to enter binary numbers to proceed with the specific operation. Error messages may be displayed,


COMP 1073 – Winter 2020 MODULE Three Project – An Adventure with Objects

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COMP 1073 – Winter 2020 MODULE Three Project – An Adventure with Objects

Module Three was all about objects. From object literal syntax to constructor functions, inheritance and prototypes and even some new classy JS, we had quite the journey using this object-based language in an object-oriented way. Your Task: Using your knowledge of JavaScript object basics, constructor functions, inheritance, and prototypes, create a vacation property booking application (check out


Constraint Logic Programming (CLP) (Bratko, Chapter 7)

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Constraint Logic Programming (CLP) (Bratko, Chapter 7)

It is a powerful paradigm for formulating and solving problems that can be naturally defined in terms of constraints among a set of variables. Solving such problems consists of finding such combinations of values of the variables that satisfy the constraints (called constraint satisfaction). CLP combines constraint approach and logic programming.

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Use a truth table to show that the propositions p ↔ q ↔ r and (p ↔ q) ∧ (q ↔ r) are not logically equivalent.

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Use a truth table to show that the propositions p ↔ q ↔ r and (p ↔ q) ∧ (q ↔ r) are not logically equivalent.

Write a program to input a positive integer n indicating the number of variables pi , and compute and print to standard output the corresponding truth table for (1). Each row of the output truth table should contain the truth values of the pi , the truth value


Project Design Recipe Box App

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Recipe Box App

Project Design

Group 1

User Interface:

  • When program begins run, user enters their log in and password or attempts a password reset.
  • This leads to the main panel with options to go to to perform the following:
    • Recipes Panel
      • This panel is likely to be the most-used section of the interface. Here you can view the recipe details, add new recipes,


Emotional Expression

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How I freely express my emotions

My emotional intelligence is quite strong and I express my emotions freely without a sign of disconnection from my senses or stability. This mostly involves handling my emotions for them to serve–rather than maybe undermine the person(s) I’m dealing with. I try not to “manage” or rather suppress the emotive feelings, but instead, I pause for some time enough and put into consideration ways


One Wellness Solution – Weight and Energy

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Weight Loss The Main tagline for Onewellnessoluton is “fitness secrets for our family and getting a shaped body with ryhming weight,” and that is what we deliver. Run by a personal trainer, Onewellnessoluton aims to provide motivation, inspiration, and ideas on how to fit exercise and wellness in your busy day. It also offers real-life…

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