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Use a truth table to show that the propositions p ↔ q ↔ r and (p ↔ q) ∧ (q ↔ r) are not logically equivalent.

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Use a truth table to show that the propositions p ↔ q ↔ r and (p ↔ q) ∧ (q ↔ r) are not logically equivalent.

Write a program to input a positive integer n indicating the number of variables pi , and compute and print to standard output the corresponding truth table for (1). Each row of the output truth table should contain the truth values of the pi , the truth value


Project Design Recipe Box App

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Recipe Box App

Project Design

Group 1

User Interface:

  • When program begins run, user enters their log in and password or attempts a password reset.
  • This leads to the main panel with options to go to to perform the following:
    • Recipes Panel
      • This panel is likely to be the most-used section of the interface. Here you can view the recipe details, add new recipes,


One Wellness Solution – Weight and Energy

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Weight Loss The Main tagline for Onewellnessoluton is “fitness secrets for our family and getting a shaped body with ryhming weight,” and that is what we deliver. Run by a personal trainer, Onewellnessoluton aims to provide motivation, inspiration, and ideas on how to fit exercise and wellness in your busy day. It also offers real-life…

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Chapter 1: Introduction to Economy

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Ch01 Introduction-to-Economy

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In countries like _____________ the command economy predominates.

A. China and Vietnam

B. Cuba and North Korea

C. South Africa and Kenya

D. Germany and France

Answer: B  Reference:


2. In which of the following countries will the national government have the greatest influence with respect to the nation’s economy?

A. China


Write a program that will open a data file (“data.csv”) containing multiple rows and columns (no missing value)

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COMP-5411 FA & FB Fall 2019 Assignment 1

This is NOT a group assignment

Due Date: Wednesday, October 9, 11:59 pm Late submission is NOT allowed.

1) Write a program that will open a data file (“data.csv”) containing multiple rows and columns (no missing value). Assume both your program and the data file are in the same directory so that explicitly mentioning the path is not required while loading the file. Each column represents a feature and each row is an instance.


CMSC 341 Data Structures — Projects & Support — Fall 2019

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Project 2: Range Average Query

Due: Tuesday, October 8, before 9:00 pm


  • You may find it easier to store sums (rather than averages) in the RAQ and BlockRAQ data structures. If you choose to do this, your query() function must convert sums to averages. Also, your dump() function should print sums, not averages.
  • You will need to include the cmath library in raq.cpp to use the sqrt() function. You may also include iostream (needed by dump()) and iomanip (optional, but allows for formatting of output).


In this project, you will implement two different solutions for the Range Average Query problem, each with different asymptotic running times.