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In statistical modelling different models are usually considered depending on the type of response variable that the researcher is using. For example, if the outcome variable is continuous then the normal regression method may be used. In this data however, the outcome variable or the dependent variable is binary in that it takes up two outcomes


Why India need to legalize marijuana

Plagiarized EssaysWhy India need to legalize marijuana

Why India need to legalize marijuana
Medical Importance of Marijuana
Marijuana is the most frequently used drug substance across the world. In India, the use of marijuana has been bound to mysticism and faith. Most of the users in India say that the drug helps attain some ecstasy level in the original sense of the world. India has celebrated and consumed marijuana for many years. While


What are the most important characteristics of supported employment

Plagiarized EssaysCharacteristics of Supported Employment

Supported employment has become an employment option which values the important characteristics of inclusion, real money for real work, choice, individualization, and on-going support.

1.What are the most important characteristics of supported employment?

2. Briefly describe what each one means to an individual with a disability.

Supported employment, these are the services provided to


transcultural assessment

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• indicating that he is embedded in his cultural perspective.
• The African culture is riddled with mysteries that have not yet been fathomed.
• This is the culturally rich setting that “Michael Glade” grew up and was assimilated into.
• It will form the basis of this project.
• The client grew up in a setting that comprised of purely African bred caregivers.