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The complexity of maturation on the example of Katherine Anne Porter’s The Grave

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The complexity of maturation on the example of Katherine Anne Porter’s The Grave











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Solved: Sustainability

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Sustainability Authors’ Name Institutional Affiliation Date of Submission =&0=& =&1=& Sustainable university entails universities that contribute positively when it comes to sustainable building societies. Sustainable societies will be achieved through education, researches, and collaborations with people within community and university development. To make proper growth, sustainable universities will focus on global citizen educations. This case means that these universities will focus mainly on offering urgent societal challenges and most importantly, reduction of environmental and social footprints based on university operations.  Higher education can be considered as a potential catalyst for sustainable development for the coming generations (Chugh, Wibowo & Grandhi, 2016). Therefore, the importance of these universities has started to emerge in a more commercialized landscape. Consequently, a lot of people, organizations, and governments believe that universities are the key to a future that is sustainable. Transparency and accountability of information have become critical and increased in demand form stakeholders and business among most societies in Australia. This paper will focus on the role and impacts of a widened access to Australian higher education on a sustainable environment. =&2=& The primary role and objective of higher education in Australia are to develop students’ knowledge and other vital skills. Other than that, the universities will also have a high impact when it comes to influencing general characters and morals of students.  Australia has focused on increasing resources and attention in her universities with a primary objective of improving the development of students (Holgaard, Hadgraft, Kolmos & Guerra, 2016). Sustainability involves processes and events that will help to meet the needs of currents generations. At the same time, it will help to avoid compromising future generations from achieving their goals and needs. As a result, sustainable universities in Australia have become an essential element and a priority with a primary objective of influencing social, economic, and environmental development. The widening of Australian higher educations can be considered sustainable for Australian information technology professions rather than information technology professions. When it comes to information technology professions, integration of sustainability into products, technology systems, services, and other processes entails a combination of environment, social and economic factors in consideration to the evaluations designs. For these professions, sustainable development and universities are developments that will ensure different needs have been achieved. Other than that, it also helps in prevention and limiting of current challenges that societies and people in these societies are currently facing.  Information technology plays a vital role in impacting ways in which people and communities provide solutions to the problems that are suffering (Aranda & Jerrard, 2019). This case means that widening of higher education, particularly in Australia offers an easy and a higher chance where the education system is sustainable for information technology professionals. Typically, information technology is the basis on which secure, reliable, and also sustainable communities will be based on in general. It is one of the most critical elements that leaders in widespread use when it comes to influencing economic, environmental, and most importantly, social developments.   The concept of sustainable environment tends to support social and economic growth that is strong. These developments play a more significant role in influencing how a community operates and how it works towards creating a future that will be reliable and productive. On the other hand, information technology will focus on underlining the role if ensuring protection for natural resources. Social and economic well-being cannot be achieved with measures that will not protect the environment. Therefore, intergenerational solidarity will also play a significant role. All development that will be made need to consider the impacts they have particularly on the opportunities for future generations. University education in Australia has undergone different government initiatives. These initiatives focus on providing funding to integrate corporate social responsibility problems. This case means that they help in training professionals that have a strong ethical sense, social values. It also helps to increase concern for the repercussion that is related to daily societal and people’s needs. =&3=& In the 1980s and 1990s, universities in Australia were considered as an object that could be used in minimizing state interventions. These reforms were mainly characterized and based by a gradual decline in consideration to the number of students and most importantly, the country’s founding. This case resulted in a more competitive environment, where university investments to increase their competitive advantage.  Academics, on the other hand, focused mainly on the role and importance of people’s competitiveness in consideration of the global market. The consequences of this view were an increase in demand and search for profits that were more than just changes in climate and sustainability of the environment. In the past few years, a consensus has played a significant role in showing that universities need to focus on a critical role in social responsibility. To achieve this objective, there was a need to incorporate corporate social responsibility principles into Australia’s strategies, visions, and most critical missions. The primary purpose of reforms in these universities was to response to neoliberalism and focused on social issues and challenges that were experienced by most societies in the country (Coupland & Boyle, 2016). Theorem, the government in Australia has focused mainly on the creation and making personal investments efforts, particularly in higher educations and focus primarily on areas that will help to create a sustainable environment. As a result, universities are expanding in consideration to their sphere of actions. This case has allowed the universities in Australia to focus on the concept of sustainable development in account of the daily reality of life in the universities. The value that universities transmit plays a significant impact on influencing information technology professional development. The role of these universities is to change and improve the perception of students in dealing with challenges that are currently facing most people and communities. Other than that, universities help students to enhance understanding of the role that IT has when it comes to the daily lives of people and general operations of the country. It will be achieved by creating a sense of social responsibilities among students and other people. The goal of social responsibilities is to seek ways in which it can alleviate impacts that are adverse to the natural world and the environment (Hay, Mercer, Lichtwark et. al, 20170. These impacts are related to people. In social responsibilities, students in these universities are encouraged to engage directly in dealing with problems that most societies are facing. This case will be achieved through adaption to productions and consumption system in a way that helps in the reduction of ecological impacts. Widening access to university higher educations is thus an effective way in which students will be encouraged to engage in improving the environment and most important focus on the preservation of resources. These goals will, therefore, create a sustainable environment and societies where future generations could depend on in general. It means that these initiatives will focus mainly on the creation of a sustainable environment, particularly for IT professionals (Griswold, 2017). Typically, information technology has become one of the essential elements in solving social problems. IT is also used as a way to provide solutions for most of these problems, thus creating an environment that is productive and reliable in general. Widening the education system is a way in which students are urged to take environment to heart. Therefore, this system of education is a way in which environmental issues will be addressed in most of the courses offered by these organizations. This case helps in the disclosure of information that is related to social responsibilities in each of these courses (George, Howard-Grenville, Joshi & Tihanyi, 2016). It also helps in the demonstration of student commitments to the environment in general.  As a result, the widening of Australian higher educations has allowed most of them to integrate social responsibility as an essential concept when it comes to promoting sustainability, particularly in the IT sector. Integration of social responsibilities is also engaged in strategic planning in most of the universities. It is achieved through setting specific objectives and most importantly, the development of long term initiatives in considerations to matter that is directly related to social responsibilities. To focus on suitable IT professionals, higher education takes into consideration matters that are essential in addressing social, economic, and environmental consequences of the operations and goals. Universities also focus on communicating targeted actions in different fields that will help to increased productivity and contribute positively to solving most of the societal issues. Therefore, students, in this case, will be able to identify and address stakeholders’ expectations effectively. It allows the creation of mechanisms that will help in improving and using information technology to solve challenges that people and most societies are currently facing. =&4=& VIEW SOLUTION

Leadership Issues Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Leadership Issues Leadership is the ability of an individual or an organization to lead and guide the other individuals below them. For a group of people or the organization to be successful or work well, there must be someone leading them and showing them how things should be done. When there is effective leadership, the organization will run well, and the output results will be amazing. US Army leadership has been having several problems which ha

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Creative Coding: Assignment 1 Specifications


● Due: Friday, 23th August 2019 at 11:59pm (Brisbane time)
 ● Marks: 32% of your overall grade
 ● Late Submissions: Late submission is allowed but Penalty applies.
The penalty is defined as is the reduction of the mark allocated to the assessment item by 5% of the total weighted mark for the assessment item, for each working day that the item is late. A working day will be


Solved: Create a dialogue between two artists discussing their work(s) with an interviewer asking questions in front of an audience at an art gallery

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Create a dialogue between two artists discussing their work(s) with an interviewer asking questions in front of an audience at an art gallery (much like a panel discussion format). Have Gris or Picasso dialogue with Matisse, Cezanne Gauguin, or van Gogh, Each one should explain his work(s), influences, philosophy, style, themes, and meaning, highlighting the reason for the work(s)’ importance to and impact on the world of art.Use the style of dialogue used in a play. For example:Interviewer: Senor Picasso and Monsieur Matisse, which work do you consider your most significant accomplishment and why do you think so?Picasso: (Confidently) I have so many that are significant, but one that I think is truly a work of genius and innovation is [insert the Title of the Artwork]. This work shows the innovation the art world refers to as Cubism. I was the founder of that movement and perfected the style. No other artist has had that type of influence in the world of art.Matisse: (Somewhat insulted). If I may be so bold, Senor Picasso, but I think my work has had a greater influence. My [insert the Title of the Artwork] has had a lasting impression, if you excuse the term, on thousands of artists. For example, …

Write a two to three 2 page paper in which you:

Create dialogue for selected artist #1 that reflects his influences, philosophy, style, themes, and meaning of his work(s).
Create dialogue for selected artist #2 that reflected his influences, philosophy, style, themes, and meaning of his work(s).
Create dialogue for selected artist #1 that highlights the reason for work(s)’s importance