Case Study: Snow Monkey Superfood Ice Treat

‘If Mother Nature did not make it, we didn’t use it.’ Snow Monkey Superfood Ice Treat, an ice cream industry, was founded by two ice cream lovers, Rachael and Mariana in 2015. Rachael’s Celiac Disease, a food allergy, and Marianne’s discipline for food habits drove them to open the ice cream industry. Furthermore, eating healthy foods wasn’t inevitable for them since they were both athletes at Boston University. Therefore, these founders used natural plants, protein, fiber, and superfoods as their ingredients for making traditional ice creams with no sugar and fat additives. Paleo5 was their main ice cream product which was free from allergens. After they had made their first sample, their friends had a taste of it and they were pleased. This made them realize that it would be profitable f they ventured into it as a business.

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