Biblical Integration Case Study Ralph Emerson was an employee of Boston Bank.

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Biblical Integration Case Study Ralph Emerson was an employee of Boston Bank. He started as a teller in the Roxbury Branch, and was quickly promoted to the Customer Service Team Leader position due to his care and concern for bank customers. At about the six year mark of employment, he transferred to a second, larger location in Concord, in the same position. Four years after the transfer, the Assistant Branch Manager position at the Concord Branch came open. Ralph expressed interest in the position to the Branch Manager, Ellen.

The manager shared her concerns that Ralph was not fully ready for this new role, but promised to keep Ralph in mind. A search to fill the position did not turn up any candidates more qualified than Ralph, so he was selected for the position. During the conversation about the promotion to Assistant Branch Manager, his supervisor relayed clear expectations about areas where Ralph needed to raise his level of effort and results to be successful in the new role. These included attention to detail, coaching and mentoring employees under his leadership, and treating employees as favorably as he treated customers. Ralph progressed well for a while. About six months after his promotion, Ellen began to hear complaints from Ralph’s team. The issues were minor at first – a missed deadline or two, transposed numbers on a report – but not long after came concerns from employees about Ralph’s treatment of them.

One example noted Ralph speaking harshly to an employee in front of a bank customer. Ellen discussed these concerns with Ralph. He denied some of the complaints. Others he accepted as having happened but downplayed their significance. His supervisor insisted that Ralph focus effort on overcoming the implied weaknesses and work to restore trust with his subordinates. Having taken his supervisor’s admonition seriously, Ralph’s attitude and actions improved over the next half-year. However, complaints along the lines of the previous concerns resurfaced and Ellen was forced to discuss these issues with Ralph. This conversation included a verbal warning, the first step in the formal disciplinary process. As it had in the previous year, the cycle of improvement and decline happened again over the next year.

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