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Emotional Expression

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How I freely express my emotions

My emotional intelligence is quite strong and I express my emotions freely without a sign of disconnection from my senses or stability. This mostly involves handling my emotions for them to serve–rather than maybe undermine the person(s) I’m dealing with. I try not to “manage” or rather suppress the emotive feelings, but instead, I pause for some time enough and put into consideration ways



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Dyslexia is a disorder in the wide field of Special Education. However, not being an extreme mental impairment, there are quite a few setbacks and obstacles faced for those suffering from Dyslexia (Martinelli, 2019). Approximately 70-80% of people with reading difficulties, in the United States alone, have some form of Dyslexia (Hudson, High, & Otaiba, 2019). Dyslexia is the most common of these


One Wellness Solution – Weight and Energy

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Weight Loss The Main tagline for Onewellnessoluton is “fitness secrets for our family and getting a shaped body with ryhming weight,” and that is what we deliver. Run by a personal trainer, Onewellnessoluton aims to provide motivation, inspiration, and ideas on how to fit exercise and wellness in your busy day. It also offers real-life…

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Collaborative Practice in Social Care Work

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Collaborative Practice in Social Care Work
Section One: Collaborative Practice in SocialCare Work

Social care work involves the provision of resources, support, care, and advice to vulnerable individuals who experience marginalization, disadvantages, and special needs (Hepworth & Rooney, 2016, p.83). The various groups of individuals given this special



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Any kind of disability would otherwise hinder the affected person from doing their day to day activities in a perfectionistic manner thereby having them require external help from others (WHO, 2011). However, one thing has to be made clear; being disabled is not having a health problem, but it is like the body organs not being able to serve a human being the way a society calls normal (WHO, 2011).


Case Study: Snow Monkey Superfood Ice Treat

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‘If Mother Nature did not make it, we didn’t use it.’ Snow Monkey Superfood Ice Treat, an ice cream industry, was founded by two ice cream lovers, Rachael and Mariana in 2015. Rachael’s Celiac Disease, a food allergy, and Marianne’s discipline for food habits drove them to open the ice cream industry. Furthermore, eating healthy foods wasn’t inevitable for them since they were both athletes


Let’s watch

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How is space used in the film?
In the hotel, people are stranded. It is occupied by British travelers, moreso, a new couple, a gloomy minister and his slightly agitated wife, who aren’t fun and who have a secret that only diverts our attention from the whereabouts of the Old Lady.
How are objects used in the film?
The noise of the train makes it hard for the travelers to listen


Money making.

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Islamic Republic of Iran, a powerful country in the Middle East, formerly known as Persia is highly situated on a large plateau in the South West of Asia between the Gulf of Oman, the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea. Turkey, Iraq, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan are its neighboring countries both in the south, north, east and west. It covers an area of 1,648,000sq km. Iran’s capital


Performance Management

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Performance Management Definition;
According to Heathfield. M (2019), performance management is an ongoing process of creating a good working environment. This is to imply to that creating a setting that enables the employees to feel comfortable and give their best to the organisation. It’s all about the interaction between the employer and employee. Consequently, how they achieve the organization’s